5 Causes of Water Damage

Water Damage is a common, yet frustrating problem for most homeowners. It not only damages your property but also has adverse effects on your health. The best way to prevent water damage is by understanding the reasons behind it, and then finding ways to avoid it. So, to help you along, we have listed down five of the major causes of water damage:


Clogged drains and backflow

Clogged drains are not only a plumbing problem. When the clogged drain causes the water to backflow, it can cause severe water damage. Periodic cleaning of drains, sinks and toilets can help reduce backflows, and as a result, prevent water damage.

Plumbing leaks

Another major cause of water damage is leaky plumbing. Unlike backflows or clogged drains, leaks are rather sneaky and hard to detect. They damage the walls and the foundations of the house from the inside.

Keep an eye on the water pressure and the water bills. If you notice low water pressure in your taps or if your water bill is high, it is time to check your pipes for any possible leak.

Natural Causes

Sometimes, the cause of water damage is external. During storms and heavy rains, water often leaks into your homes. During extreme weather, they can even flood the house. It can cause a huge amount of damage to your property.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear solution for this problem. However, what you can do is clean your rain gutters so that the water passes through easily during heavy rains. Moreover, make sure that your windows and doors are well sealed to prevent moisture from getting in.

Home appliances

We love our washing machines, water heaters and dishwashers. They make our everyday life a lot easier. However, as they get old, their pipes tend to rust, crack or leak which can also cause water damage. So, do regular checkups on your old home appliances. And if you see any problem, repair it immediately.


Household accidents are another cause of water damage. Perhaps you forgot to turn off the faucet. Or, maybe your child flushed a toy down the toilet, and it is causing a backflow. All these little accidents can result in water damage to your home. The only way to prevent these accidents is to be more careful.


These are the five most common causes of water damage. So, be careful and do your best to prevent water damage. But, if despite your vigilance you end up with water damage, get it repaired immediately. You can easily handle small damage repair at home. As for bigger damage, you might want to consult a professional.

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