Drapery Cleaning

Blind and Drapery Cleaning in NJ

Do your curtains or blinds look old, dirty and stained? If that’s the case then we can offer you the best ways to get them to look as good as new. We provide of the finest services for blind and drapery cleaning in NJ. Our cleaning procedures are scientifically proven and totally environmentally friendly.

Our professional cleaners can work with any type of material without creating any kind of problem. Why replace your old curtains with new when you can restore them?

Comprehensive Blind and Drapery Cleaning in New Jersey

We provide our cleaning services for all kinds of window covers such as draperies, valances, shades and many more. However, our prime specialization lies in blind and drapery cleaning in NJ.

Drapery Cleaning

The fabrics of drapes and curtains are to a certain extent delicate and easily damaged if not cleaned and maintained properly. Pollutants like dirt, pollen, mold or mildew can get inside these fabrics and hamper its strength and appearance. But hey, you do not have worry a bit! Because, we are here just for that reason. Our exclusive cleaning process will make your draperies revitalize and strong than ever.

We have a team very experienced and trained cleaning specialists who will evaluate the damage your items have received and then clean and repair them accordingly. Our methods will be completely based on the type of material your draperies or curtains are made up of. This way, we can avoid side problems like shrinkage and discoloration.

Blind Cleaning

Apart from draperies, we also specialize in blind cleaning in New Jersey. Along blinds can function in a somewhat way as draperies, there cleaning procedures are quite different. But with our cleaning services, we will take care of any type of blinds or shades like horizontal, convertible, cellular, roller and many others.

In addition to cleaning your blinds and shades, we will also effectively repair the damages on them. We can even supply new weight and chains to your vertical blinds. Our cleaners work with full dedication and enthusiasm so that you can get the best value of our facilities.

Complete Stain Treatment and Allergy Control

Stain Removal

Stains on your draperies are completely different from the stains that occur in your shirt. If a spill can get a bad stain on your drapes then you cannot clean them with regular measure. One must seek for a better and more sophisticated cleaning measure. At, brown’s, we have all the necessary means and facilities to eradicate stain from its source. Even the most tedious kind of stain is not safe from our cleaning solutions and equipment.

Allergy Control

Drapes, curtains, valances and other window covers attract pollutants like dust, pollens, mites and others. These types of contaminants are pretty dangerous to human health as they cause allergies and other skin and lung infection diseases. That’s the reason why you should thorough clean your draperies from time to time.

We will make sure that these pollutants will not affect you and your family members’ health in any way. We offer a complete cleaning solution that can easily eliminate any type of dirt, mold, mildew and others from your draperies.

Hire our professional drapery cleaners in New Jersey if you value quality, professionalism and dedication.

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